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Saturday, May 17, 2008

CCC remixes Feadz,
Switch edits LOTP,
& Crookers Mad Kidz + some Hostages

Opening gmail is fun stuff. In case you haven't noticed I'm a post whore. The one thing a PW needs is a steady supply of juicy material. So in keeping with tradition I have a little gmail sent from CCC or Chewy Chocolate Cookies for long. They sent us a very crunchy and statically charged remix of Feadz' 'Humanoid' from the DSL|Feadz split EP This one is IMO one of their nicer remixes to date. Great levels on the production side and maintenance of the tracks original bottom heavy, low oHm's approach is enhanced and not detracted from on this melter.
Feadz - Humanoid(ChewyChocolateCookies remix)

Another great producer we have been watching closely in the past 6 or so months is Hostage. This Edinburgh native spins and produces Electro tech house and has like anybody these days with a following makes tight ass remixes. So to share just one is stingy and hurtful so here's a couple of Hostage songs to party to. We have The Streets r+b stepper 'Let's Push Things Forward'. The Chav classic gets rerubbed perfectly. Then its off to Andy George's 'Big Dipper' where once again Hostage turns lullaby into a thrashed up electro anthem. I am also linking to you the sweet ass NLLR mix that Hostage dropped a bit a go with many of the favs mixed together at light speed.
The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward(Hostage remix)
Andy George - Big Dipper(Hostage remix)
NLLR Hostage Mixtape

Some more new things to bump in the night is the new Mad Kidz EP from the italian stallions known as Crookers. We have this upbeat number for you titled 'Lolly Pop' This one has really turned the corner. The crunked up nature of Crookers, Jokers, and others can sometimes annoy the holy hell out of me but on all of the new 4 tracks on this EP we see a better paced and even keeled style. The spooky organ in the cut down is brilliant and once again suited perfectly.
Crookers - Lolly Pop(Mad Kidz EP)

New stuff this week as well from Late Of The Pier. Remixes applenty as usual sees Switch absolutely destroy the LOTP original with ease. As with all of the above songs I have seen a marked improvement in the quality and feel of these new breed of re mixers. The grime and dirtiness has fallen away to be replaced by sleek sounds and robotics personified. So without further ado it's..
Late Of The Pier - Space & The Woods(Switch remix)