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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jokers Of The Scene are 1st Klaas

We have a mixtape for you today again from my favs No Love Lost Records. This time out its the Jokers Of The Scene from Ottawa. After having been signed to Fools Gold, J.O.T.S. have been on tour constantly and are accompanied by the proverbial who's who of hipster electro. Some points of note regarding the mix- 'Baggy Bottom Boys' - is the new one from the Ottawa duo - and 'Fly Or Bounce' by Destroy Disco getting annihalated by them as well. All in all this mix is a good representation of whats its like to see them live. Expect nothing less from NLLR. Enjoy!
01. Portishead - "Machine Gun (Jokers Of The Scene Re-edit)"
02. Santos - "The Echo Box"
03. John Dahlback - "Spitzer"
04. Popof - "Alcoolic"
05. Boy 8-bit - "Wolfen"
06. Workidz - "Twisted"
07. Mescal Kid - "Magic"
08. Nacho Lovers - "Go On (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)"
09. Jokers Of The Scene - "Acidrod (Brodinski Remix)"
10. Miles Dyson - "Anthem"
11. Jokers Of The Scene - "Baggy Bottom Boys"
12. Trap House - "Untitled"
13. Destroy Disco - "Fly Or Bounce (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)"
14. Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - "Look For The Woman (Fake Blood Remix)"
15. Vote Show Pony - "Strut (Andy George & JakZ Remix)"
16. Idiotproof - "The Deacon (Duke Dumont 'Live From Brooklyn' Remix)"
17. DZ - "Down"

Next up is Cologne Germany's Klaas with a new one for the aerobic dancers. Fast and furious with the requisite ass kick electro edge.
Klaas - Feel The Love(Klaas Increase mix)

Miles Dyson has one of the best songs on the the above NLLR mix so I figured I'd share it with the DJ's who want it singled out. Cheers till tmrw.
Miles Dyson - Anthem(orig)