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Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Night Feature

First up for Friday night is a reminder for all my fellow Winnipeggers to check out Hi-Fi Club in the village this weekend. Its located at 103 Osborne St 2nd Floor above the American Apparel store. This club has a hot new vibe and decor plus many of the cities newest crews on the wheels of digital steel. The weekend features DJ sets from DJ Mike B(Thu) DJ Dow Jones(Fri) and rounding out the squad is Supreme Saturdays with Dougie B(Sat) They are workin' hard to get new talent to the city so least y'all can do is show up with cover, rock your fly ass gear and prepare to get your drink on. (t. 204.415.1981)

  • The original Indie Night D.J will be kickin' it old school with Mashups, Rock and Funk from the 80s and 90s
  • STIR FRI FRIDAYS with D.J Dow Jones and Weekly Surprise Guest D.J
  • 4 Turntables, 2 D.J's and a nice HiFi Stir Fri of Old School, B-More, Hip Hop, House, Funk and Live Mashups.
  • SUPREME SATURDAY'S with D.J Dougie B
  • The original White Tee's and Stunna's D.J will be spinning at HiFi on Saturday nights with a supreme mix of B-More, Electro, Dance, Club, Remixes, Party and House.

First up tonight I have a track from those little bendable polymer strands better known as Playdoe . The Toxic Avenger is up to speed on this remix as usual.

Playdoe - Its That Beat(Toxic Avenger remix)

Today I was surfing one of my favorite sites Trash Menagerie and they had a new artist I've not seen nor heard till now called Harvard Bass. This San Diego based producer has all that is required of an up and comer from the West Coast. Fresh beats, pumping house sensibilities and the modern feel.
Harvard Bass - Stitches

I was also able to get my hands on some promos of the new EP by Moby today which has a handful of Crookers remixes. I figured I'd share a snippet with you cuz their pretty tight especially the (Bass In Here remix) This one was first featured by the Crookers on their most recent myspace mix and will see heavy rotation im sure.
Moby - I Love To Move In Here(Crookers Bass In Here mix)
Moby - I Love To Move In Here(Crookers Lemmesee mix)

Lastly tonight I have an end of the night joint for you to smoke on when you come home. Its Feist working with Gonzales who lifts the already fun track to new heights with an offbeat dub stepper style rework. Although it can begin to hit the pop heights of 'My Moon My Man'(BoysNoize edit) it takes care of business which is on par with Gonzales' current modus operandi. Cheers for now.

Feist - I Feel It All(Gonzales remix)