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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bellaruche, DJ Ayres,
Elite Force & Foals

Belleruche is a London based producer that makes turntable soul music that soothes while it uplifts your spirit. Imagine Esthero with a little more hip hop and you're almost there. The group consists of DJ Modest, Kathryn DeBoer, and Ricky Fabulous.
Bellaruche - Northern Girls

So everyone that knows me personally knows that sometimes I can drop the ball with regards to missing amazing shows here in Winnipeg. Just such an occasion occurred this past week as I missed out on the DJ Ayres show at Hi Fi Club in the village. To make ammends for this transgression I have a sweet almost Surkin 'Radio Fireworks' remix when Ayres re cuts this gem and mixes it with some hip hop that is completely unfamiliar to me. Yay mashups!
DJ Ayres - Kid Sister Pro Nails (DJ Ayres Radio Fireworks remix)

Elite Force is the shit. I have officially ran out superlatives to provide descriptions so fuck it heres a good remix by Speculum.
Elite Force - Used & Abused (Speculum mix)

Foals Cassius (Tensnake remix)