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Monday, January 5, 2009


.sØn!ka. from the NYC duo Cosmetics shared their latest production "Motion Control" and .sØn!ka.'s own personal track called "Evil Perversions". They recently put out a digital EP on Sanguine Records from San Francisco and if these tracks are anything to go by watch out.

I love hard electro thats sounds like two garbage trucks in a head on collision and this delivers all of those wonderful elements. Touting razorsharp basslines that wobble on and off the beat that are always descending. Its a little cluttered at first an then it breaks down to be reborn perfectly.

DL : Cosmetics - Motion Control

'Evil Perversions' from .sØn!ka. is so desolate and full of that drum and bass piss and vinegar. It scares the fuck out of me with the samples selected before the break. It fakes the breakdown for a full bar and starts to build again whereby you are assaulted by blood curdling screams and tense basslines. Excellent! But where was this masterpiece when I did my Halloween Post?

DL : .sØn1ka. - Evil Perversions

Many people have scarey imagery (sculls, fake blood, real blood, and Zombies) These tracks give me chills in the best way and truly feel like pissed off EVIL!

About Cosmetics

Cosmetics is a groundbreaking electronica project bred in Costa Rican soils uniquely blending the elements of pioneer sound and the urban scene of San Jose. Stylistically, Cosmetics is characterized by melodic music with tearing out basslines and a distortion of reality aimed towards the blurring of dancefloor limits. Pushing eardrum boundaries with pounding original beats they achieve a fresh but slightly dark electronic sound. Currently, Cosmetics is based in New York City in the development of new material and arranging the final details on their forthcoming release on Sanguine Recordings. ____________