Monday, February 6, 2012

Casse Les Frontieres, Fou Les Tetes En L'Air

I had every intention of posting some new material today from an up and comer in the house scene when I was messaged by net pal Marble/Institubes DJ and producer Jean Nipon. He made a random Facebook post about wanting an early recording from Paul Johnson called 'The Other Side of Me and Mores' from 1996.' and how much he wanted a copy. It just so happened that I was able to track it down for him and it got me to thinking about how many great OLDER songs are out there for sharing.

If it weren't for my friend Abi T putting this in my French made masterpiece in my hands and demanding cash from me I probably would have never came across it but I am so grateful of this mans vision with regards to great music as it is still one of my favorite electronic records of all time.

La Funk Mob - Ravers Suck Our Sound (N.O.W. remix) *Nightmares On Wax

I have been unpacking from a move lately and one CD maxi EP I came across is from La Funk Mob circa 1994. Who are La Funk Mob you ask well its none other than the two current members from a little group called Cassius.

La Funk Mob - Motor Bass Get Phunked Up (original mix)

Before making it huge in the French Touch and worldwide house music game
Hubert Blanc Francard AKA Boom Bass and Philippe Zdar pioneered Hip Hop/Downtempo flavoured funk that became the backbone for french stylist and lyricist MC Solaar.

La Funk Mob - Window Working (original mix)

I have thrown together a few tracks to highlight a style of old that's timeless in its creativity. That's something that can be hard to find these days with the disposable Electro and wannabe crossover genre biters that currently inundate us. The tracks here all represent the classic style the was so pervasive on MoWax records throughout the nineties except for the last one entitled 'No Time For Hesitation' which is slightly more indicative of things to come for La Funk Mob/Cassius

La Funk Mob - No Time For Hesitation (original mix)