Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The WILDLIFE! Of Beware + Motorpitch

Two artists that have been receiving alot of my eartime lately are Wildlife! and Beware + Motorpitch. Here I chose to feature them on the remix tip with the 09 EP 'Jumbie' from Wildlife! and the more recent El Toro!/Pororoca”, the debut single release from Viennese duo DJ's and Man Recordings operators Beware and partner in crime Motorpitch. .

B+M's cut shows us a funky dissonance blended with waterdrop echo pads and leads to the break which almost feels Sidney Samsonized but in much more bizarre way. (which is good of course.) The 'Porococa' are the tidal waves that rush into the Amazon river so naming the split EP after such a force can give you insight into whats coming your way. Just ask a local surfer for confirmation. This hyper club fine tuning of the cumbia/funky UK bassline action killed last weekend at the B2B party and I can't wait to play it loud soon.

Wildlife! - Jumbie (Beware & Motorpitch Remix)
Beware & Motorpitch - Porococa (Wildlife! Remix) Beatport