Sunday, March 28, 2010

Das Glow Is Blinding

The range of sounds contained within a Das Glow release can range range from very aggro to smooth and round equipped with robust synths and washed out beat patterns. Institubes backs another EP from the Frenchman and once again the ethereal and funky mix together to create something magical.

On 'Earth' Damien Granier repeats a house melody over top of minimalist thumps, while the title track 'Phase IV' is a by all accounts a banger dressed up in some of the wierdest production styling we've heard in a long time. The vocal sampling chills me to the bone while the beat pounds me into submission. Matched along a Boy Noize track this just might hurt somebody mid set so be careful. 'Jerrycan' and 'Lost Sight' show us the mellower side of the Institubes producer on his third outing for the Big Brother of Sound Pellegrino..

Das Glow - Phase IV (institubes)

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