Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Post

Hello to all. As you know I usually do a Sunday Post that encapsulates the weeks great releases into one giant electronic indie diatribe. Well I am engaged with some family business tomorrow so I'll have to show the love tonight while I have some time and enough energy to espouse my usual rantings and ravings regarding all things music. As a footnote thanks to Mike B for another great night on Thursday and for the Vitaminsforyou show last night at the Lo-Pub. (Images - Alexandros Vasmoulakis) (Twitter) (Facebook) (myspace) (Hypemachine)

First up is Maryland beat freakers Oh Snap!! with the release of their 'Bill Cosby' EP out now on Sweat It Out records. B-more and electro crunk has very little appeal to me personally and for the most I see it as the current scenes version of the 90's Garage music. But I am biased cuz I love house so much and have major tunnel vision when it comes to what I will play. It also doesn't help that I am older than most of my readers and can be cranky at the best of times. Having said that Oh Snap!! have officially won me over to the b-more team much like Rusko did for me in terms of dubstep. 'Bill Cosby's Sweater has a Cool Kids feel with overweight production on the basslines that makes it shake the bins when pushed close to the redline. Lyrically the raps are cheeky and take stabs at hipsters so once again it strikes a chord.

DL : Oh Snap! - Bill Cosby Sweater .

Edmonton's Shout Out Out Out Out are doing what most of my other favorite artists are doing this weekend. Playing at SXSW. I was quite pleased when I saw them in Winnipeg last year and I'm sure they are winning many new fans as they wrap up their travels in Texas. Next, they will tour through the end of March in support of their new full length entitled 'Reintegration Time' which is available on CD, as well as a deluxe triple gatefold LP with colored vinyl and included digital download. both formats feature beautiful artwork designed by La Boca

DL : Shout Out Out Out Out - Remind Me In Dark Times

David Starfire has the power to bring the Smiths songs of old onto any dancefloor and once again was kind enough to send it along. The remix he did of 'How Soon Is Now? was absolutly spot on with its breaky vocals and Skint records bounce.

DL : The Smiths - Big Mouth Is Back (David Starfire remix) .

'Smoke Some Of This' is the latest EP from Pulaski Park. Pulaski Park is located in one of the meccas of house music that is Chicago. Dj Greg P and Jim Docktor from Pulaski Park are true to the banner of their city creating smooth and jazzy house that would rock the socks off of any of the scenes pioneers whilst bringing a tear to the eye with soul and solid gold grooves. It was released a fortnight ago on Booth Trax and is available at Beatport. I couldn't find any info on the remixer sorry!

DL : Pulaski Park - Blakjak (Diem remix) .

Thanks to ALLURE for droppin this in my gmail today reinvigorating my spirit As with any scene things have a tipping point and with the amount of tracks that we receive that are blatantly unrealized, un-mastered or just plain not finished its depressing sometimes to want to help an up and coming artist but truly not be into their music. That's why its so great to see an artist that can really hold my attention with their 'attention' to details. Whether its bass or guitar, piano or synth, glitch or fidget, ALLURE has you covered. Beautiful pop melodies juxtaposed with daft beats. Soundtracky brilliance from a movie I would love to see.

DL : ALLURE - Diamonds .

Picked this one up over at MissingToof awhile back and also forgot about it. Leif fron NYC with The Touch and on vocals its Swedish singer songwriter Lina. Grab the 'Black Magic' EP over at Beatport here.

DL : Leif - Black Magic ( The Touch and Lina remix)

Bonus Material:
DL : Joy Division - Transmission (Hot Chip cover)
DL : Junior Boys - Hazel


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Allure's track is hot !
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