Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'Vive Le Difference'

New indie beat electronic from the U.K. with the Karoshi Bros and a helping hand from the East coast of the U.S. I couldn't keep from playing the Dmerit remix on this 3 pack of solid electro pop. Washington's Dmerit have been creating some perfect remixes of late with their disco infused masterpiece edit of Triobelisks 'Xrystal Eye' and now this. The Loose Cannons dub is a nice exercise in aggro sounding electro that falls flat when it only turns up for half the song leaving me wanting more.

DL : Karoshi Bros - Vive Le Difference (Dmerit remix) .
DL : Karoshi Bros - Vive Le Difference (Loose Cannons dub mix)
DL : Karoshi Bros - Vive Le Difference (original ext edit)


Anonymous said...

you better check your links.

RANDOM said...

they were removed by request