Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I love disco house music. There's something about getting your disco fix with a big phat side of house mayhem and no one does it better than Herve. Not content with dominating dance music at present, Joshua ‘Herve’ Harvey has unleashed a new, offshoot of his Cheap Thrills label ‘Cheaper Thrills’. The first release comes courtesy of His Majesty Andre.

myspace blurbs:
Already supported by Herve (included on is his cd in this months Mixmag), Sinden, The Crookers, Rob Da Bank and many more, His Majesty is steadly increasing his magic touch in production and djing. He's part of the Italian Fluo scene, rubbing shoulders with The Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, Riva Starr. No surprise he has been captured by the Italo Gods of Wonk. Vatican House proudly and religiously welcomes in his church of wonk the Majesty Andre himself, with 2 tracks of proper noisy, odd groove. "Roxxx" takes you by the neck and slams you with no rest, while "Girrrl" sounds like a sexy phat gorilla. Always bringing on the Italo legacy in party dance music, Andre delivers his own version of a club tune: massive pumping bass and cut as fuck vacals. Another banging release from those lazy Italians.

DL : His Majesty Andre - NRG 555 '

Upcoming Shows For His Majesty Andre
31 Dec 2008 22:00 Game Over 2008 Lucca, Lucca
09 Jan 2009 1:00 Filo è un gadget molto ricercato B-day!Bologna
09 Jan 2009 22:00 RagTag Napoli, Napoli
10 Jan 2009 23:00 w/Cecile + His Majesty Andre Treviso
14 Mar 2009 23:00 Veronika w/ Faulty Kru, His Majesty Andre Parma

I've also been loving the following:

Lissat & Voltaxxx - Let There Be House (Kelevra remix) no mp3
Dave Spoon and DJ Zinc - Ghost Train (Lee Mortimer remix) no mp3

Martin Solveig has been on our radar since day one of the VR experiment. Born Martin Pechandet and hailing from Paris the seminal DJ producer began his musical journey with releases on his own Mixture records label in 1998 and having thought he'd acheived his ultimate goal with the success of the 'Heart Of Africa' track that was all the rage in 2002, he has shed new light on the electro crowd by aligning himself with some of the best producers and hippest kids around with each new EP effort.

Another producer/DJ that needs no intro is Felix Da Housecat. Remixed the already monster club jam felix rewinds the track to its deep tech house as per his style. Mason is back as well on this release with another killer edit. Having seen the success of the 'Exceeder' single that happened a couple of years ago for Dutch master it's no surprise this remix is immense.
Enjoy this promo copy of a couple of the new cuts.....

DL : Martin Solveig - One 2, 3, Four (Mason's Dark Disco remix) '
DL : Martin Solveig - One 2, 3, Four (Felix Da Housecat's ATL SIA Main remix) '

Monday, December 29, 2008

20O8' Whats So Great?

No Sunday Post yesterday and I realized it was the last Sunday of 08! Soooooo sorry bout that and also the lack of any 2008 Top 10 Lists. (even though I am being inundated with many other blogs lists as of late.) I have never been much for Polls or Lists really. Like my birthday and Christmas January 1st is just another fuckin day in the year.

Leading in to the new year we will try to deliver a wider range of topics like graphics and general design, political news, music, new technologies, new interviews with some emerging artists and a couple of bigger names as well, + more music. We will be rockin a slicker page layout after the build is complete and the site will have twice the functionality when we're done.
On a personal note we will also be DJing more in the new year so check us out and will let ya know - How the peg city flow.

Electro killer Trevor Loveys brings some more South UK magic with the 'Shake It' E.P. Not to be out done by colleagues like Herve and the rest of the Machines Don't Care crew. Oh I almost forgot that he is also one half of Speakerjunk. Whewww!

I also included a new single from Estonian princess pop star Kerli. Treasure Fingers cracks the funk whip as usual and makes the only worthwhile remix on the entire 'Walking On Air' EP.

DL : Trevor Loveys - Shake It (Original Mix) '
DL : Kerli - Walking On Air ( Treasure Fingers remix) '

PS: I am really happy to that this piece of excrement has shuffled off this mortal coil in 2008.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Wishes from Alex Ridha

This one is a little belated for Christmas but its so tasty I figured it was worth posting. Thx to Boys Noize blog

DL : Boys Noize - Shine Shine (Shadow Dancer Unreleased Mix) .

Friday, December 26, 2008

Box Party II

Today its the longest point in the year before I have to deal with Christmas again so I'm unusually happy. I'm also pretty stoked about the Tittsworth show at the Exchange Event Center tonight. Supporting cast is as follows: In the Hipsters VS Gangsters Showdown. In the Hipster corner we have Trompe Le Monde masters Mike B and Jamall Knight with Christmas comeback kid Dougie B. And in the Gangsters corner we have Winnipeg mainstays Hunnicut and Co-op with L. Lon Hubbard with Peanuts and Corns host John Smith.

Tix 10$ @ The Urban Bakery and Urban Boutique

Here's a couple of new ones that make me wanna pre-dance.

DL : Innocent Sorcerers - One Dollar Race .
DL : Noisia & Phace - Kaputt House .
DL : Dop - Romeo feat. Noze

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"A Festivus For The Rest Of Us"

I will be away for the next couple of days due to the Christmas break. I thought that I would have some time to work on posts while I was at my parents place but it looks like I will be too busy. I figured I may as well try to put some mp3's under the tree for my faithful followers. Enjoy and Merry Fuckmas!
DL : Mowgli - Alma Gitana (Original mix) (new).
DL : Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. (Daze Of Thunder Banger remix)
DL : The Phantoms Revenge - I Can't Lose (Original mix)
DL : Designer Drugs - Zombies (Original mix)
DL : Metronomy - A Thing For Me (Breakbot remix)
DL : Hot Chip - One Pure Thought (Geese remix) (new).
DL : Robert Wyatt & Bertrand Burgalat - This Summer Night (Hot Chip remix) (new).
DL : Late Of The Pier - Bathroom Gurgle (Duke Dumont Reconstruction)

Beni 'My Love Sees You'

Last Wednesday I was out with a friend Leigh and we were talking about old favorites in electronic. We both agreed that Etienne De Crecy is one of hands down favorites. All this talk reminded me of an EP I had but have been completely sleeping on by yet another Belgie. Formerly of Riot In Belgium Kitsune freshmen Beni is now solo and rocking a funky Fred Falke bassline like its his with his 'My Love Sees You' EP. Remixes included are by In Flagranti, Etienne De Crecy, and a dub edit by Beni himself. .
DL : Beni - My Love Sees You (Etienne De Crecy remix)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Le Castle Vania 'Rave Is King' Remix
+ Sedat The Turkish Avenger

Le Castle Vania have a date in Winnipeg in the New Year on the 22nd at Hi Fi Club and a neat little Christmas remix for the holidays. The spirit of giving is not lost on this able minded young DJ/producer from Georgia, as he has adorned our gmail in-boxes with many treats year round. Big Up to Dylan for sending these along. .
DL : FUKKK OFFF - Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania remix)

I also wanted to post some new house from a new Belgie producer I've stumbled upon recently called Sedat The Turkish Avenger. Deep horn based house with California love style vocals delivered from a pretty nifty vocoder over dub. .
DL : Sedat The Turkish Avenger - Genesis (original mix)

Originally turkish, but born and raised in Belgium, Billy Lo aka Sedat is one of the most growing talents among european Dj/producers/remixers. Influenced by the vibes of dj Sneak, Paul Johnson & the Daft Punk, he began experimenting his tracks using his emotions for creating sensual funk vibes and ruff swingin'beats. His first releases on belgian labels SCULPTURE & LEGATO quickly gave him the opportunity to remix Paul Jonhson's worldwide hit "Get Get Down" Joe Negro, Sandy Rivera, dj Jacq, Fafa Monteco from the Superfunk, etc... and create music played by the biggest dj's worldwide like Roger Sanchez, Junior Sanchez, Carl Cox, Kevin Sanderson, Pete Tong, etc... Purchasing his quest he started his own label, Rumpsheyka with releases such as Motorfunk, two tracks of this label have been included in Carl Cox's chart ! After a remarked release on da Daft Punk label "Crydamoure" as Sedat "the turkish avenger" he's in the aiming line of some of the most important electronic labels like Ministry of Sound (London), Dis-Funktionnal (London), Ihr (Chicago), BiPolar (Detroit), ...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Post

We close out the week with the shortest day of the year and no shortage of amazing tracks being rammed in before the Christmas break. I look forward to lots of soccer on Setanta, Turkey and chilling with my family for a little rest and relaxation. [Images - FHM China Chen Zhun]

First up is another great selection for remix by the always hot Disco Villains. They have seamless technique when recreating these cuts. Never just simply 'mashing anything up' they make solid dancefloor recordings of some our favorite Top 40 classics. Last track we loved was the 'In Da Club' where they flipped the insanely popular track into a techy bass heavy monster. Here Gorillaz doesn't get off any easier as 'Dirty Harry' gets picked apart and overhauled to
perfection! .
DL : Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (Disco Villains remix)

Something new from Turkey this week with runners up in the Digitalism 'Taken Away' remix contest. Istanbul is home to the super fresh GOOSEFLESH who have picked up a remix by Germany's FUKKK OFFF. Besides both groups using a lot of CAPS to name themselves they both have a darker more gothed up style to their productions.. Which could be why they are such a good fit to remix one another.

Haven't heard some new Hot Pink Delorean in some time so I was happy to see this little gem floating about. Great drum kits and funky vibrato bassline when ever Boston comes to town. After Christmas Europe should be on the lookout when the Hot Pink Delorean drives a digital spike through your skull @ 120 decibels a minute. 'I Am What Porno Should Be' is out now get it @ Beatport.
DL : Hot Pink Delorean - Let's Get Free (Instrumental)

I can honestly say that I have no idea what a 'Sexual Peanut' is but it doesn't really matter anyways cuz its all about the track and the U.K.'s Stupid Fresh step back onto the dance floor with a wonky fuzzed up warbler that almost has a Pottymouth feel but with jungle vocals instead of the jazzy house of the Chicago label. The 'Sticky Fingers' EP has 3 other bangers and is released on Bomb Squad records.
DL : Stupid Fresh - The Sexual Peanut (Original mix)

Voules actually got me listening to the productions and remixes of Ian Carey with his Classy Club Electro mix a couple of months ago and ever since I have been keen to check out most of his new material. This cut is a straightforward big house track with alot of sex appeal and smooth rhythms that are borderline club but not mainstream.
DL : Rockefeller - Do It 2 Nite (Ian Carey remix)

I just can't get enough Felguk so why should you be deprived. Here's some more from the Boys from Brazil. Big slap bass and Wolfgang Gartner style execution. I have had this one for a couple of months but can't hide it anymore.
DL : Felguk - All Night Long (Original mix)

Another one of those tracks that was destined to be huge.
DL : Laidback Luke & A-Trak - Shake It Down (Original mix)

Erol Alkan again with another in touch but foward thinking masterpiece.
DL : sebastiAn - Momy (Erol Alkan's Simple, Yet Effective Edit)

Friday, December 19, 2008

6ix Pak

I figured I would make a little 6 pack of tracks that I have been rockin the last few days. We got the newest from the Bloody Beetroots as they get set to release their live DVD opus. .
DL : The Bloody Beetroots - Cornelius (Mix Oi!)

A wicked remake of the classic Queen track 'Don't Bring Me Down' by Streetlife DJ's.
DL : Streetlife DJ's - Don't Bring Me Down

Something new to the VR pages this week is Washington D.C.'s Nadastrom. Their 'Pussy' EP feels like a Herve produced club outing with hip hop vocals that work perfect with the jump up vibe they laydown.
DL : Nadastrom - 'Tween You & Me feat Blaqstarr

Having produced the uber popular 'Favorite Flu' track just a few months ago they are once again building more beautiful sounds with the 'Rubber Band Boogie' EP.. Dada Life are set to release a full length record on March 9th so be on the lookout for that.
DL : Dada Life - Rubber Band Boogie (original mix)

Mighty Fools apply the platinum touch once again. If you've not heard the 'Fools' on the remix tip...get busy and grab this. Pottymouth music strikes again.
DL : DJ Rockid- Girlz (Mighty Fools remix)

Whether you are able to see The Young Punx as a live setup or DJing the end result is always the same. Sweaty, undulating drunken party vibes that always has a touch of french house and nu skool breaks. The production touches of Italian genius Phonat are in evidence here as well so you know it's solid. Also check the Shir Khan and Goshi Goshi mixes.
DL : The Young Punx - Mashitup (original mix)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

4 Busy Frenchmen remix
Ladyhawke & La Roux

Chateau Marmont have been quite busy lately working on their album and 1st single for Paris Terror Label Institubes. Not to mention remixing the hell out of Ladyhawke and Britain's ginger haired pop genius La Roux. .

DL : La Roux - Quicksand (Chateau Marmont remix)
DL : Ladyhawke - My Delirium (Chateau Marmont remix)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Birdy Nam Nam - Worried

I have been looking over the last 11 months as we approach our 1st anniversary and wondering how I have not gone mad. I am the epitome of a Post Whore. One of the first things we posted about back in February was the Trans Boulogne Express By Birdy Nam Nam. The Yuksek remix is still one of my favorite tracks of this year or any for that matter. The golden touch of Yuksek is present again with the release of 'Worried' by the DJ's from France.

DL : Birdy Nam Nam - Worried (album version)

wiki Birdy Nam Nam
Birdy Nam Nam are a DJ crew from France whose members are Crazy-B, DJ Pone, DJ Need, and Little Mike. Birdy Nam Nam have won several prizes throughout their career including the DMC Technics 2002 World TEAM Championships. Birdy Nam Nam's goal is to use the turntable player as an actual musical instrument. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2006 on Uncivilized World Records, and in March of that year, they performed at the internationally-renowned music conference SXSW. The group's name is taken from a line in the 1968 Peter Sellers film The Party, directed by Blake Edwards.

Upcoming Shows For Birdy Nam Nam
06 Feb 2009 20:00 LIVE@L’AERONEF LILLE
12 Mar 2009 20:00 LIVE@LE PHARE TOULOUSE
14 Mar 2009 20:00 LIVE@ BIARRITZ
15 Mar 2009 20:00 LIVE@LA NEF ANGOULEME
03 Apr 2009 20:00 LIVE@ZENITH ROUEN
06 May 2009 20:00 LIVE@L’OLYMPIA PARIS
07 May 2009 20:00 LIVE@L’OLYMPIA PARIS

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lord Skywave + Grovesnor = :)

DL : Lord Skywave - I Am A Dead Man (Grovesnor remix)

Former Hot Chip one-man band, Grosvenor, turns out a killer synth-soul boogie-disco mix for Lord Skywave's 'I Am A Dead Man'.

Lord Skywave is ex-Simian man and Black Ghosts member Simon Lord's alterego...

www.myspace.com/lordskywave www.myspace.com/grovesnormusic

'Shake It' with Hostage and AC Slater

Awhile back we posted about the launch of the Nightshifters label and the new EP that was released by Hostage called 'Shake It'. Nightshifters was kind enough to stuff our stockings with a smokin remix of Hostage's 'Shake It' by AC Slater who is also a member of the same bassline crew which makes up the Nightshifter's roster along with DJ Donna Summer, Rob Threezy, Proper Villains, Rampage and 4AM Jess.

DL : Hostage - Shake It (AC Slater remix) [alt link]
DL : Hostage - The Slave [nightshifters link]

Buy The Rest Of The EP HERE @ Beatport

Nightshifters is proud to present the debut release by Edinburgh, Scotland’s No.1 raver master - Hostage! Alan Parley has been around for a bunch of years, starting with Hardcore and Techno, but finding his true home in bass-heavy club music. He’s been a darling of the electro blog scene for years and has racked up some serious mileage already, now he’s ready for the prime time.

“Shake It” is the tour-de-force that you’ve been looking for this year, four prime-time club bangers: Leathered, Roll On, The Slave, and Shake It. Hostage proves he’ll get the kids to stage dive in no time; glow sticks will be pumped, confetti thrown, fireworks exploded. Hostage is here and you better get ready.

“Shake It” also features remixes by Acid Jacks’ Jackmaster (Melbourne) and AC Slater (New York City). Both these guys have been burning up their scenes and these remixes just prove why. AC Slater comes fresh off a UK tour and remixes for the likes of Moby and Drop The Lime. Jackmaster just released his debut Ep on Idiot House records.-

Nightshifters is built around a core group of musicians making big club tracks to get people dancing! Our sound is hybridized; you can find elements of B’more, Rave, Electro, Dubstep, House, Bassline, Drum and Bass, and maybe even Trance in the mix. We’re an open-minded lot who are working hard to make your parties better.





Monday, December 15, 2008

400th Post feat. Felguk

I have worked on providing you with the maddest beats since our immaculate conception which is upon us in January. So it's been 400 posts and we have seen our modest page grow exponentially each month and as our 1st anniversary approaches we are set to relaunch in the new year. Voules has all the designs complete and they are hot shit. We are not sure if we will re open before the Jan 22nd anniversary deadline but that is our goal.

One of the major musical styles that keeps me posting and you coming back for more is arena sized tranced out progressive breaky electro. Well Gustavo Rozenthal and Felipe Lozinsky of Felguk just happen to have what we all crave with their new track that came out last week.

DL : Felguk - Do You Like Bass 2009 (original mix) .
DL : Felguk - Guess What (Electrixx remix)

Cryptonite Christmas Card

Bringing a little stocking stuffer of unreleased material is Cryptonites. This kind of selfless sharing warms the cockles of this cold hard cynics heart. Here's the Yuletide message we received.

from Cryptonites
We just want to say thank you for all the support during 2008 and wish you a merry X-mas! As a little gift we would like to hand out some of our edits we did and played in our dj-sets this year. A lot of people asked us to get a copy but we kept them for us until today.... Have fun!

All of these live edits of some of our favorites are bang on brilliant and make me want to see these chaps in a live setup. Zurich here I come!

DL : Proxy - Raven (Cryptonites More Bass Edit) .
DL : Choreo vs Daft Punk - Cut Da Funk (Cryptonites Edit) .
DL : Surkin vs Grum - Next Of Mexico (Cryptonites Edit)
DL : Crookers ft Bucketheads - Love To Edit (Cryptonites Edit)
DL : Klaxons vs SebastiAn - (Cryptonites Edit)
DL : Justice - D.V.N.O. (Cryptonites Edit) .

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Post

Sunday is here and with it the wrap party begins with a gnarly remix of Bomb The Bass' by new star Spenza. The German producer has a new EP out on KwixSnax records called 'The Wig' and like his remix of the hip hop laden house classic by BTB he deconstructs the techno aspects of electro and livens them up with distortion and dirt. [Images Augusto @ PRRR.TV]
DL : Bomb The Bass - Megablast (Spenza remix)

Next up for our listening bliss is NONEWYORK with yet another brilliant indie bassline creation. Danny and Tyler are the Bay Area Bass specialists. The West Coast of the U.S. has the brightest emerging talents by far in North America although NONEWYORK ironically sound more like Luca Venezia(aka Drop The Lime) than a washyy disco producer team from Californi-Yee. Heavy bassline madness that always seems to hold it together more succinctly than most of the Drum and Bassline champions out there.
DL : NONEWYORK - Cocaine Bassline "Goes live on Beatport Jan. 21st"

Glasgow Scotland's Den Haan produce lush coked up disco house. Having shared the stage with France's party animals Noze comes as no surprise due in part to both groups abilities to cold rock a party with cheeky vibes as well as serious house music.
DL : Den Haan - Night Shift

After browsing myspace this week I came across a new EP by London DJ producer Kid Dub called 'Perverted Ways'. His profile picture is a bondage slave mask and his Pics section is rife with him slapping his John Hancock all over girls boobs. When he says Perverted folks he means it. Miles Dyson can do no wrong in my books so I have that for you. Also remixes by Style of Eye, Ekenback, Dextress and Kid Dub's own re-dub version.
DL : Kid Dub - Perverted Ways (Miles Dyson remix) .

Pottymouth never misses and neither does Slovenia's Pette Vaydex. Pottymouth artists have that perfect balance between true electro and exciting tech house imagination. Never abandoning the latter genre for the far more popular straight electro style Pottymouth peeps such as Kelevra, Crookers, Hijack, Heavyfeet, Cops and Robbers, Santiago and Bushido, Electric Soulside, Andy Goerge, Mightyfools, and the Bulgarian all have the required elements to transform house music.
DL : Pette Vaydex - My Orange Vacuum Cleaner (original mix)

Sent to us as well this week was some new mashup tracks from space walkers N.A.S.A. The tracknames sort of speak for themselves but let me know what you think of them and don't forget to hit up their myspace.
DL : N.A.S.A. - Gifted ft Kanye West, Santogold & Lykee Li .
DL : N.A.S.A. - Spacious Thoughts ft Kool Keith & Tom Waits

To wind down the week there is nothing better than some Weird Tapes. Cut Copy meets Metronomy then complete the musical love triangle with the Cryptonites and you are half way there. Up and down tempo brilliance from a group to watch in 2009. Mark my words.
DL : Weird Tapes - Night Stalking .
DL : Weird Tapes - Summer Of Worship
DL : Weird Tapes -TV Romance

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stop Haunt Me Everyday
by Tony Ariawan

We have featured some select illustrations from Indonesian Tony Ariawan in some of our Sunday Post's past but I have always wanted to spotlight this artist further by showing some of his works from the 'Stop Haunt Me Everyday' collection.
Tony Ariawan on Behance, on DeviantArt, & Digital Arts

DL : Sebastian Tellier - L'amour Et La Violence (Allure remix) . (myspace)

Box To Play From Yamaha

New technology is constantly in flux and seeing prototypes of whats to come is part of the fun for me. This Box To Play from Marianne Bailey of Yamaha Production Design Lab is simply stunning with its minimalist design and seamless integration of many gadgets and gizmos into one unit.

Random Saturday Selections

VR is known for bangers and cash money remixes of the biggest names in electro. However a little known fact is that we also sample tons of music from IDM, Downtempo, Drum and Bass, Chiptune and Indie hip hop circles. We rarely showcase these styles because to be frank there usually isn't enough time in the day for me to expand my focus. Saturday afternoon is the perfect opportunity to display some of the newer sounds outside of the popular and trendy electro heap.

DL : Hudson Mohawke - Overnight (myspace) .
DL : Fulgeance - Rubiscube (myspace)
DL : Puppetmastaz - Mephistopheles (Instrumental) (myspace)
DL : Lulu Rouge - Bless You (Trentmoller remix) . (myspace)

Maurice Who?

I love being sent new tunes from up an comers. One pet peeve however is when they fail to provide me (which means you as well) with a myspace or artist url. Maurice is one such example. Great disco funk here from who knows where. Certainly this writer has no clue. If anyone out there has a link for me for Maurice please sent it along as I would love some more info on this new talent.

DL : Maurice - American Girls .

Friday, December 12, 2008

Flashs Of The Future

New stuff from FutureFlashs will have you shuffling to a darker dub house sound. Never sounding like the Germanic breed a la Boys Noize I feel more of a Chicago meets France vibe with classic disco tinged bass sections and minimal funkiness and echo heavy leads. The Marcel Sawitzki remix is a dissonant banger that electrifies itself into a chaotic uproar that breaks huge full of acidic analogue bottom end.

DL : FutureFlashs - Find Your Brother (original dub mix) .
DL : FutureFlashs - Find Your Brother (Marcel Sawitzki remix) .
About FutureFlashs
FutureFlashs new Project was born in Autumn 2007. The DJ, before known as Niko de Vries and one of the Resident DJs of the most famous North Germany Party Collective “Virgils World”, who played with such Names like Boys Noize and Fedde Le Grand thought the Time has come to support a new Style of Sound after he found the French Collective "Valerie" and such great Artists like Futurecop!, Cryptonites, Moulinex, Danger, GRUM and SymbolOne on MySpace, who produce a real new Future Sound of Electronic Music. FutureFlashs decided to support this Sound, created the Name "Future Disco" and started with a Mixtape Series called "Future Disco Sound". Since his first Project there was huge Support from the big Blogs around the World like Trashbags Kids and until Autumn 2007 more than 70.000 People supported the latest Mix Sessions and famous Futurecop! uses FutureFlashs official "Future Disco" Definition to describe their Style of own Productions and Remixes. Since the Beginning of 2008 FutureFlashs started to produce own “Future Disco” Songs with bouncing Remixes from Q.G., Gooseflesh, Blokgolf, Mario K, etc. and he was asked to remix for such great Artists like Nite Cells, The Phantoms Revenge, Stay Ali, Difuzion Crew/ Traxx Dillaz or ALFA, so watch out for all upcoming Productions and Releases.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Germany Drops Bomb On London

After giving us 'Flickery Vision' awhile back London's Audio Bullys are back with some help from Germany's Malente. I always love Malente remixes. So solid and on par with the German producers high standards they are almost as good as his releases with Daniel Dexter(aka Dex)((Hyperactive E.P. Out now on Exploited records)) and last but not least DJ pal Lars Moston. Audio Bullys have released a limited edition comic book in conjunction with the 'Dope Fiend' EP.

Whats happening with Malente>
there's gonna be a new MALENTE release on Southern Fried soon. 'Bring That Lead Back' comes with amazing ORIGINAL and remixes by Destroy Disco, Brabe, Nathan Detroit and Kidland.
DL : Audio Bullys - Dope Fiend (Malente's 1 Hour remix) .

Upcoming Shows for Malente
12 Dec 2008 12:00 Supermarket Lille
13 Dec 2008 12:00 Beats United @ Arttheater Köln Ehrenfeld
19 Dec 2008 12:00 Alte Börse Zürich
20 Dec 2008 12:00 Bauhaus Landshut
25 Dec 2008 12:00 Glücklich Club Landsberg
26 Dec 2008 12:00 S38 Koblenz
31 Dec 2008 12:00 Monastery Brisbane
31 Dec 2008 17:00 Odyssey Festival Gold Coast
01 Jan 2009 12:00 Summadayze Festival Melbourne
03 Jan 2009 12:00 Party Central Adelaide
04 Jan 2009 12:00 Summadayze Festival Perth
10 Jan 2009 12:00 Heritage Nightclub Cairns
15 Jan 2009 12:00 Savage Melbourne
16 Jan 2009 12:00 Chinese Laundry Sydney
17 Jan 2009 12:00 Monkey Bar Canberra
31 Jan 2009 12:00 Halo Tasmania
06 Feb 2009 12:00 Le Zoo (Dex) Geneve
13 Feb 2009 12:00 Kantine Konstanz
14 Feb 2009 12:00 Disco Electronique @ Tap Tab Schaffhausen
21 Feb 2009 12:00 Fake @ Cocoon Frankfurt
27 Feb 2009 12:00 Social Club Paris
20 Mar 2009 12:00 Rote Sonne ( München
21 Mar 2009 12:00 Untitled @ Sucassa Ulm

Kitsune vs Institubes

Two of the hottest french commodities are the record labels Institubes and Kitsune. We have a head to head competition for supremacy with 'Wizards' from the Inner City Angst EP courtesy of the UK's You Love Her Coz Shes Dead. Up against a new track from the Solar Apex EP from electro rock outfit Chateau Marmont. The song ' Diane' has 80's Disco appeal equipped with Mr Roboto Styx style vocals. The name is of the Parisian group is derived from the famous Los Angele's Hotel that has been at the root of many Hollywood scandals.
DL : Chateau Marmont - Diane .

'Wizards' is an exercise in intellectual dance shoegaze. Ratatat with less guitars.
DL : You Love Her Coz Shes Dead - Wizards .