Monday, February 6, 2012

Casse Les Frontieres, Fou Les Tetes En L'Air

I had every intention of posting some new material today from an up and comer in the house scene when I was messaged by net pal Marble/Institubes DJ and producer Jean Nipon. He made a random Facebook post about wanting an early recording from Paul Johnson called 'The Other Side of Me and Mores' from 1996.' and how much he wanted a copy. It just so happened that I was able to track it down for him and it got me to thinking about how many great OLDER songs are out there for sharing.

If it weren't for my friend Abi T putting this in my French made masterpiece in my hands and demanding cash from me I probably would have never came across it but I am so grateful of this mans vision with regards to great music as it is still one of my favorite electronic records of all time.

La Funk Mob - Ravers Suck Our Sound (N.O.W. remix) *Nightmares On Wax

I have been unpacking from a move lately and one CD maxi EP I came across is from La Funk Mob circa 1994. Who are La Funk Mob you ask well its none other than the two current members from a little group called Cassius.

La Funk Mob - Motor Bass Get Phunked Up (original mix)

Before making it huge in the French Touch and worldwide house music game
Hubert Blanc Francard AKA Boom Bass and Philippe Zdar pioneered Hip Hop/Downtempo flavoured funk that became the backbone for french stylist and lyricist MC Solaar.

La Funk Mob - Window Working (original mix)

I have thrown together a few tracks to highlight a style of old that's timeless in its creativity. That's something that can be hard to find these days with the disposable Electro and wannabe crossover genre biters that currently inundate us. The tracks here all represent the classic style the was so pervasive on MoWax records throughout the nineties except for the last one entitled 'No Time For Hesitation' which is slightly more indicative of things to come for La Funk Mob/Cassius

La Funk Mob - No Time For Hesitation (original mix)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kevin Saunderson Feat. Inner City

When Kevin Saunderson moved from Brooklyn NY to small town Belleville 30 miles from Detroit no one could have predicted that he along with Juan Atkins and Derrick May would completely revolutionize music and once again put Detroit back on the musical map. But this is of course precisely what they accomplished with their early efforts.

"Inner City is a Saunderson collaboration that came about "by accident," according to Saunderson. In 1987 he recorded a backing track in his home studio, but needed lyrics and a female vocalist. His friend, Chicago house producer Terry ‘Housemaster’ Baldwin suggested Chicago native Shanna Jackson a.k.a. Paris Grey."1 (Wiki)

Kevin returns here with his 'Inner City' project that features the inimitable Paris Grey on vocals and with the help of fellow Detroit dweller Kenny Larkin we see Kevin reclaim the form of the early nineties techno. Pumping machinations and cut and paste vocal edits from Larkin chop this track into many collage pieces that seem to be out of sync with the structure of the track but never let go of your feet and waistline. Especially when the cut kicks into full steam at the 2 and half minute mark.

The 'Future EP' is released on Defected and Vendetta Spain and can be purchased HERE, HERE and HERE!

Kevin Saunderson Feat Inner City - Future (Kenny Larkin Tension Mix)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bumpin In SXLND

Having achieved such accolades as second best album of the year by readers in online music site Resident Advisor's 2011 Best Album poll for his full length "Room(s)" and also placing his productions in the major motion picture "Black Swan" it is safe to say that MACHINEDRUM has officially landed a blow to all mainstream shite club that crowds the airwaves.

Travis Stewart returns with the release of the 'SXLND EP' on Glasgow's LuckyMe records he applies his trademark stamp of gritty crackle analog over top of new style beat structures. This EP seems to be inspired by Deep Chicago & Modern UK House music. 'SXLND' brings to mind such luminaries as Four Tet/Jacques Greene/Caribou while recasting the genre in his own image.

From the beginning track which is little more that a ululating bass section with analog vinyl static to the 2nd off beat title stomper he pushes his sound further forward than even 'Room(s)' full length achievements. With songs like 'No Respect' and 'Van Vogue' he owns the dancefloor without compromising his almost sinister sounding house with more watery, filtered vocals and full on clap pads and synths. With the latter track 'Van Vogue' he channels the sounds of Surkin and Modeselektor into a balanced almost Dirtybird records banger. Rounding out the EP is 'DDD' which is a straight house jam in the spirit of Cassius that pops along steady with a bottom end that tests the low oHm frequencies without overloading._______



Contact: for booking enquiry mail here

for press, management or remix mail here

Machinedrum’s website

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wednesday's PULL SHAPES w/Beauchamp

Greenroom Winnipeg is yet another incarnation of the address which has changed hands many times over the years. When I was first in a punk band growing up I did my first show at what was then the Alternative Cabaret, which then became Die Machine which is incidentally where I first learned to sharpen my chops as a DJ helping out with the legendary Tuesday and Friday nights spots featuring the new rave of olden times past.

After many expansions and upgrades to the sound systems and decor the Die Machine was no more. To be leveled and replaced by the soul suckin American Apparel outlet store which you see today. The Collective which resided upstairs was a legendary string of nights with Mike B and Rob Vilar but it too saw its time only to be reinvented as HI FI club but like its downstairs neighbors it lacked any real soul of identity except the occasional ruckus or out of town artist and it too sank into obscurity and obsolescence.

I am happy to say that it the space has been reborn and redesigned by a friend of mine who has run many successful businesses in the city and has elevated this space to the stature of what it has never been - A slick, modern, centrally located club with a roster that will surely keep the heads bobbin for years to come.

Focusing on local and out of town bookings showcasing house, hip hop, and indie augmented with some the cities veteran DJ crews GREENROOM WPG is a breath of fresh air to old timers or newcomers alike.

On the 23rd of November our longtime buddy Mike B will be launching his Pull Shapes night and with Rob Vilar and Departures to kick start what will surely be the new weekly spot to jam out to the newest in house and disco jams. Check out Beauchamps launch mix below and be sure to hit up the PULL SHAPES page and like that shit.

Beauchamp - PULL SHAPES (November Mix) by planetshhh

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Every culture across the globe has in one form or another a belief in the living spirit. These are ties that bind us together in friendship and marriage. It is the driving force behind our collective consciousness as our souls interact with one another. If the belief in a living residual spirit is inherent in every religion and every individual then what happens when that residual energy is released upon the death of the physical body? An imprint of that energy is always left behind to linger in the spaces where a souls business is left unfinished.

The Marlborough Hotel in Downtown Winnipeg is one such domain. Lights that turn on and off when no one is around and the sounds of pianos when there is none to be found. These spiritual energies that form solid to make us aware of their presence are everywhere if you are in the perfect place and time.

Come dance with the Dead Souls in the crypt known as the Press Club on October 29th at 331 Smith St downtown.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Martyn's 'Ghost People'

Dutch/D.C. producer Martyn releases his sophomore album this week wherein he seamlessly blends Dubstep, House and Techno into a darkly impersonal soundtrack. On 'Ghost People' he is balancing his jetset DJ life with these productions displaying the less trendy invocations of the aforementioned genres which gives us a look into the home producers mindset in contrast to his funky, broken beat live sets and Fabric outings. It is, according to the press release, a lot less concerned with “sorrows and melancholy” than Martyn’s first album Great Lengths.

The title, Ghost People, is a reference to “passionless DJs and producers … plastic, hollow shells that focus only on the in-the-now grooves or keeping in line with trends.” Another heavy influence on the record is “being on the road for a long time, and seeing how you cope with situations … I try to zen my way through it, and just stay focussed on my music.”

The L.A. based imprint operated by Flying Lotus called Brainfeeder records is proud to present

Martyn - Popgun (original mix)


Martyn - Ghost People

01. Love And Machines feat. Spaceape
02. Viper
03. Masks
04. Distortions
05. Popgun
06. I Saw You At Tule Lake
07. Ghost People
08. Twice As
09. Bauplan
10. Horror Vacui
11. We Are You In The Future

Brainfeeder will release Ghost People on October 10th, 2011.