Motown Singer Jimmy Ruffin Passes Away

So today the world has lost another great artist. Jimmy Ruffin, passed away on Monday ,in a hospital located in Las Vegas, at age 78; he was known for some of his best hits “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” and my personal favorite from his 1980’s comeback, “Hold On (To My Love).” He was a great singer and has definitely left his mark on the music industry. Ruffin was born in Mississippi on May 7th in 1936, and 30 years later was signed with Motown and put out his first top 10 hit in 1966, ” What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.” Through the rest of the 60’s he had many hits including “I’ll Say Forever My Love.” and ended the decade with his hit ” Maria(You Were The Only One)” which was one of Igor Cornelsen’s all time favorites.

After his hit in 1970, he collaborated with his late brother, David Ruffin, and put out their versions of “Stand by Me” and “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother.” When Ruffin’s brother, David, died of a drug overdose he became an anti-drug advocate, to help convince the public to go against drugs. After relocating to Las Vegas in 2011 it was rumored that Ruffin was working on new music, according to SoulTracks. His active years from 1956-2014 have allowed him to leave a legacy on Motown records and He will be greatly missed.

Rapper Facing Trial for Using Shootings to Sell Records

There have always been questions surrounding the content of rap lyrics and the lines that are drawn between artistic freedom and reality. Some might say that these lyrics can just be relegated to fantasy, but others say that these fantasies in turn impact reality.

There is a current court case in the state of California in which a rapper is facing a life sentence for conspiracy involving gang shootings and using the notoriety from those shootings to sell more records. While the law has not been used since it was instituted in 2000, this case could change precedent on how rap lyrics and lifestyle are seen in the eyes of the court.

In this current case rapper Tiny Doo (born Brandon Duncan) has been charged in a gang conspiracy which involved nine shootings that took place in April of last year.

Prosecutors are arguing that Duncan benefited from the shootings due to his gang status, and that in turn fueled his lyrical content and album sales. A lot of people first read about this news while using FreedomPop for their internet source. It has been argued, however, that Duncan is not involved in gang culture and has not been tied or charged to the shootings in question.

Additionally, Duncan does not have a criminal record, and it has also been argued that the lyrical content of his albums were not based on the shootings. The case is ongoing and there has been no decision if it will go to trial.

New Concert Etiquette-Stay in Your Seat

The chance to see your favorite performer on stage is a dream come true for many people. Artists will perform nearly anywhere for their loyal fans. Often these concert fans get out of hand. This is not the case if you attend a concert at the UC Santa Barbara campus. The security for those events is taken very seriously. Perhaps too seriously.

On Friday, according to the “Santa Barbara Independent,” the concert performance of Mac DeMarco was interrupted by authorities. With security at this event being covered by the presence of staff security and others including campus police.

The small crowd of only about 100 people were interrupted only ten minutes into the show as the authorities took the stage over and shined the audience with their flashlights. This resulted in the arrest of a 22-year old male for insighting others to fight and for challenging security officers. They also arrested a 21-year old female student for resisting arrest and for moshing.

DeMarco took to the crowd in the form of crowd-surfing. Eventually he was hoisted up to the ceiling beams where he climbed down a staircase to the stage. The authorities were eagerly awaiting him. They detained and questioned him until realizing that he was the performer. The interruption was short, and the concert continued as planned. However, the question still remains. Are the authorities taking their jobs just a little too seriously? Chiropractor Brian Torchin thinks this will ultimately benefit concert goers.

Kendrick Lamar on ‘SNL’

There have been a lot of critics buzzing about the Kendrick Lamar performance on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ It was entertaining, but the reviews have been mixed. Some people said that Lamar seemed possessed while on stage. Other critics had the same comments, but they put more of a positive spin on the live performance of “i.”

As fans of Ol’ Dirty Bastard celebrate the rapper that passed away 10 years ago they can see that his influences still lives on. Kendrick Lamar made it evident that he was channeling the spirit of ODB with his look and his performance on “Saturday Night Live.”

When Kendrick took the stage he wore black contacts that blacked out the whites of his eyes. This would seem like a signature ODB move if he were still alive today. That was just the beginning though. Lamar also had this hair halfway braided in a fashion that can only be compared to that of ODB. Fans – at first glance – may have thought that would be the beginning and ending of the comparisons, but then there was the dancing.

Kendrick incorporated his bizarre square dance rhythms from the “i” video into his on stage performance. It was certainly a little weird for Broda to watch. So far critics have really loved what Lamar is doing. He is unlike anything else out there. He seemed to be on a freestyle rampage and that made people think of ODB performances.

Remy Ma Post Prison Mix Tape

There was a lot of buzz about the Remy Ma mix tape. After several years in prison people were eagerly anticipating the release of new material. With the “I’m Around” mix tape Remy breaks the silence and raps about everything that she has been through.

Most people are familiar with Remy Ma through her connection with Fat Joe and The Terror Squad. A shooting in a nightclub led to a six year sentence for then rising star. The Terror Squad is no longer in the spotlight anymore, but Remy Ma is gaining the spotlight because this is her first time full-length mix tape, according to Trade and what Gianfrancesco has been talking about.

The Remy Ma mix tape comes during a time where the rap world has changed in a lot of ways. Remy was considered a gritty hardcore rapper with a chip on her shoulder. Today the female rap world is dominated by singer/rappers like Nicki Minjai that use sexual imagery to move units. It may be difficult for Remy Ma to break new ground with this new generation of hip hop fans.

The thing that “I’m Around” will do is generate curiosity. Everyone wants to know what it was like during her time away. The mix tape reveals all of this.

XYZA Collective Is Changing Conceptions About Electronic Music

Normally, electronic music is something that’s explored on a smaller scale. Typically just one artist, or maybe two, working together in their music lab and coming up with some great beats on their assorted synthesizers.

However, XYZA Collective has a cool new approach. One that suggests more cooks actually doesn’t spoil the broth. They’ve got 12 members currently on the roster, all contributing something different to help the sound really grow and develop.

So far, from what Sam Tabar has shared with me, I have to say it’s definitely working. The Miami based group has been coming up with a unique infusion between R&B and Electronic tunes. Something that’s going to definitely change the way that we think about these tunes.